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Zebra Orange Jersey Casual Girls Dress
Zebra Orange Jersey Casual Girls Dress Zebra Orange Jersey Casual Girls Dress

Zebra Orange Jersey Casual Girls Dress

Orange Zebra Jersey Dress

Our 'not a child not yet a lady dress' is a signature designer dress design for girls, for our brand. It is so popular amongst our girls and their mothers, that we were willingly forced to create a womenswear version 'always a girl at heart'. You will find it in our womenswear collections. We love this designer dress for its simplicity and elegance.

I am in love with this version in an urban safari look. In soft orange peach skin jersey fabric, making it comfortable and stylish. In a natural and comfortable soft viscose blend jersey fabric, perfect for a casual outing, a party or a special occasion where you want your little girl to feel comfortable. In a vibrant orange colour and a gorgeous natural viscose blend  jersey fabric, this orange zebra dress will show your girls natural glow. The best thing about this dress is it's design allows your girl to feel free and comfortable, not restricted by her dress for an evening look, yet free to run around and play with her friends, while you feel pleased that she is happy and still looks stylish. I would say it's the best designer girls dress, for many occasions.

The fit is loose. On the shoulder line is where the fit and silhouette shows. With beautiful zebra tulle 3/4 sleeves adding comfort and style to your girls look. This casual orange jersey dress flares out and has a loose fit for each girl, without adding unwanted volume, instead it looks airy, dainty and stylish. With an asymmetric length, the front being longer than the back, the front harmoniously blends into the longer length at the back. Your little girl will look adorable and classy in her aristocratic stride and in her playful movements and will look like a sophisticated and stylish little princess.

For a more casual outing and style, you could easily wear this with a jean jacket and sneakers or black biker style boots. Their are no limitations. Your little girl will feel stylish, happy, pretty and confident. A dress suitable for newborns to 10 year olds. Whatever age you decide to get, this dress will fit your girl even in two years from now. Technically, it has such a great pattern, that will allow you to get the most out of this dress.

Product code: 155040
Colour: Orange
Fabric Content: 90%viscose 4%polyester 6%elastane
Care: Hand or machine-washable.
Made with ❤️ in Athens

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