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Celebrating Our 2021 Brides

2021 was a bridal celebration. It was a special year for me with my brides as we connected after a period of isolation, each fitting was like an event.

Here are some of our glowing brides.






Antonia wanted a vintage look for her wedding dress. She already had found her shoes which had an antique look, so that gave me direction on her style. Antonia originally wanted a loose fit on the bodice, but the beaded and embroidered lace was too heavy and just didn't create the softness that suited her, so we changed the design on the second fitting..... most often the fabric dictates the potential of the design, so we listened and we were very happy with the vintage and elegant result. 




Elegant and petite Ioanna suited a soft, flowing feminine wedding gown and thats the direction we took with the fabric and design. Ioanna chose a soft natural white wave lace. So delicate we had to be very careful when handling it. An island wedding which made the silk chiffon ideal for the romantic setting. During one of the fittings, Ioanna lifted the lace to towards her face and we instantly saw how this suited her and that's how the neckline was established. They say trust the process. We did and Ioanna's wedding gown came to life in a very easy way.




Eva originally was set on an off white colour for her wedding gown. The first stage of our initial appointment was seeing what fabric suited her complexion and what lace against her face and neckline spoke to us. We persisted on off white because that's what she had envisioned, but this specific cream cotton lace just came to life when put against Eva. We all saw it and were speechless. We knew this was Eva's lace. Teamed up with silk chiffon in ecru, a perfect match was made.





Vibrant and happy Eleni told me that she intended to surprise her guests at her wedding, by parachuting and landing on the beach where her guests were. Practically, her wedding dress had to have an opening to cater for this. I knew that, that was the first technical feature, that had to be incorporated into her bridal bown. Once Eleni chose her lace, the rest was history. She was just as adventurous and enthusiastic in each fitting. Just pure positive joy.





Eirini's bridal gown came to life from our first sketch. She understood what she wanted when she saw what suited her. She chose a gorgeous ecru lace with a gorgeous and striking border. This was a feature that we knew we had to use. We used it on the back neckline and then hand embroidered the front neckline with delicate flowers lace motifs, to create a blossoming, intricate detailing that was soft and completed the gown.




With Eri's great legs, we knew we had to showcase them. Eri chose a flower lace for the bodice and a chiffon flowing skirt in white. The lace top was beautifully fitted while the skirt flowed and came to life when Eri paraded in her wedding outfit. The skirt when in movement discretely showed the opening and was a sassy surprise which suited Eri's personality.




Marianna knew she wanted a skirt and initially we discussed a shirt. The delicate lace suited Marianna and so we married it with the French silk blend sheer fabric. It was important for me to not have any seams in the lace. I wanted a continuous flow and I didn't want disharmony to the flow of the whole look. It may look simple, but it's details like that, which have a lot of work involved but the result is worth it. Marianna got her gorgeous shoes custom made by Angela Rapti in a luxurious bordeaux suede, so we decided to use a bordeaux belt to complete the outfit. I loved it as Marianna loved it.




So if you're planning your wedding, or know someone that is, contact us for an appointment, so we can design your wedding dress together,  just as you've imagined.



I ❤️ Athens



Our National Art Gallery has finally opened after waiting for decades. Not all collections are ready yet, only the Permanent Collections are displayed, but it was definitely worth the wait!


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