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You Will Love Your Legs In These

I wasn't really a leggings person, till recently. I would even have to say that the first lockdown is when I started warming up to wearing leggings. I always wanted comfortable clothes, more of a loose fit on me and thought that leggings would be restricting. But, ever since I've committed to eating well and working out, I decided through the first lockdown to start wearing leggings to keep an eye on my body and not lose sight of my commitment on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Up to my late 30's, I had no issue with my weight. My metabolism was super, I was always on the go, and I have to admit I never worked out. I didn't need to.... or so I thought.

I recall one summer day, I was going camping, and I was looking for my baggy, loose, comfy pants. When I slid them on they were tight and and I was shocked! I had put on 4 kgs and I had no idea how that extra weight had crept up on me. My body changing was something that was difficult to deal with at first, especially as a Fashion Designer as I always tried the small samples on, to make sure the clothes felt comfortable and technically were perfect for my customers. Eventually, I accepted it as I was approaching 40 and I thought, ok gravity has won!

When I turned 40, something changed. I embraced my body. I felt more confident, relaxed and realised that with change comes experience, wisdom, lessons and acceptance. I welcomed these changes and made a decision to maintain a healthy lifestyle.



I went to a nutritionist for two months, not to lose weight, but to learn how to eat properly. I realised I had massive gaps between meals, which is the easiest way to not burn fat and keep that unwanted weight on. I didn't lose any kilo's, but my body looked healthier. My nutritionist was upset because I wasn't losing any weight, but that didn't concern me. I told him I felt great and my body has trimmed down, the weight didn't worry me anymore. The fact that me skin and body shape looked healthier was more important to me.

Then incorporating exercise into my lifestyle was easy, as I wanted to feel more energetic and fit. My fabulous instructor Yiota, is amazing. I couldn't have done it without her.  Through the first lockdown, is where I saw a massive change in my body. It reverted to what my shape was like in my 20's, I will dare to say, but stronger. I also think that through lockdown, I relaxed and without realising, I started to lose weight. I understood how stress is in my life without being aware of it. My workout now is pilates, tennis and I'll squeeze in a walk here and there.


 I loved that I embraced my body even when I put on weight, and I love the effort I have put into looking after my health. I realised, it's never too late. I am happy to say, my body is stronger than ever. My mantra is to have a healthy body and a healthy mind.

As a result I have become leggings obsessed, and was thrilled to introduce my first leggings this Autumn Winter, designed and technically created the way that feels good on me. 

So now I have to say, I feel good and therefore look good and..... I love my legging legs! ❤️


What I especially love is how these leggings can be worn in a smart casual way too. We styled our printed leggings with a blazer, ankle boots, our plum robe coat, our tweed coat, to give you style tips and get the best use and look for your leggings.

Hope you enjoy your leggings, as much as I did designing them and wearing them! 


Tweed coat and our super printed leggings


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I ❤️ Athens


Parthenon, Monastiraki, Athens


We have had pretty amazing weather these days in Athens. It definitely doesn't feel like Winter which is a bit frightening. What have we done to our planet? Or is it possibly the myth?

Every January in Greece we have about 2 weeks worth of beautiful Spring weather. We call these days 'Alkionides Days'. The myth says that there was a bird Alkioni, who was pregnant in January. The Gods provided, for the Winter month of January,  2 weeks of beautiful sunshine so Alkioni could lay her eggs and they could hatch safely. Without fail, every year, in January, sometimes early February we have warm weather and we all call these days 'Alkionides Days'.... by the way is a beautiful time to come to Athens in Winter and enjoy a warm Spring type of Winter holiday.  😉


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At Samantha Sotos, we believe in community. A percentage of our online sales go towards PAREA and their cause in aiding families in need. We are proud that through our product we are able to offer this assistance, and we want you to know, that your purchase has contributed in making someone’s life a little easier.
Thank you for your support and for being part of a community that believes that, only together can we create a better tomorrow.

 Thanking you



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