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Icarus & Friends

Icarus & Friends

We always enjoy making our collection for your little ones. We want pieces that honour our philosophy behind our brand and that exist in our womenswear collection.  Clothes that will take you through from day to night, good quality fabric and clothes that will make your little ones feel special, comfortable and sophisticated.
We have made adorable robe coats for your girls this season, which are modelled after our womenswear robe coats.
We would love to see how you have styled these pieces.  Feel free to send us pics!

Robe Coat- Code: 181000. Black. Also available in navy, charcoal, green, dusty blue and plum.
Content: 67%rayon 28%poliamide 5%spandex / 51%cotton 42%poliamide 7%spandex

Photography: Chris Kontos
Models: Christianna, Abbas, Eva  
Assistant: Audrey Florette