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Samantha Sotos' European and Australian influences and travels, are the backbone to what she calls her ‘Euralian’ style. European and Australian lifestyles merged. Sophistication and comfort all in one look. Her label captures the essence of both cultures - entwining relaxed simple elegance with an expressive European polish. Luxe fabrics and clean lines allow women to show their unique personal style and individuality through her clothes.

Three cities merged to create the ideal dressing nation of ‘Euralia’. Sydney offers a comfort and an honesty to a carefully composed Greek ensemble pieced together with a daring, original London take. The Samantha Sotos woman stands out and ventures to try something new, constantly
re-inventing herself with different combinations of her attire to make sure she gets the most out of her closet and her day. She is always stylish and most importantly comfortable.

“Living in Greece you learn to expect the unexpected and you become open to what life throws your way. You start your day at work and end up in a bar or restaurant in the evening. Either way your clothes suit both occasions.” This is a popular feature to the brand which shows the diversity, versatility and practicality of her designs.

Welcome to Euralia.