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Designing wedding gowns, is something I never set out to do or prioritised with my brand. Having worked at a leading fashion house in Athens, specialising in haute couture and eclectic bridal wear, I loved my experience there but I decided not to pursue it with my label. I was more interested in ready to wear collections and clothes supporting my "Euralian" philosophy. 


Angela's Gown


People would ask me if I did bridal wear and I would say no. I recall at one point I had a call from a bride to be, for a wedding dress appointment and by default I said, 'I'm sorry I don't do bridal wear. But out of curiosity, why do you ask as I have never promoted bridal gowns with my brand'. She responded, 'I bought a dress of yours from a boutique in Glifada, Athens. The dress had such a great fit, that I thought if a dress off the rack fit me immaculately, I can only imagine what you can do with my bridal dress.' Hmmmmm, I thought.


Elpiniki's Gown


And then it just happened. I started making wedding dresses for friends.... still trying to keep it private and resisting the inevitable. I eventually realised I actually enjoyed the process. I love that it's custom made for the bride not just for her body shape but for the setting, her personality her lifestyle. I found myself designing something different for each bride simply because there's no person alike and we're all unique. 


Elena's Gown


I adapted what I liked about the process of creating wedding dresses and what made this creation special to me, and welcomed bridal dresses to the brand.  The difference though was that I wasn't going to design wedding dresses commercially, and I wasn't going to offer a bridal collection for brides to choose from. I maintained the idea of one off wedding dresses for our one off brides.

This may not cater for all brides as I don't have bridal dresses for them to try on and see how they look, but this way I continue to enjoy the process and along in conversation with the bride, we are able to create a custom made wedding gown close to her heart. It takes trust on both sides and openness as we see her bridal gown develop from conversation, to sketch to enjoyable fittings to the completion of her wedding dress. 


Niki's Gown


Through our fittings, we have been open to let the fabric and design guide us when placed and draped over the bride. It speaks for itself and often directs us to what truly suits the bride. It is a beautiful, original and creative process and also a personal experience and connection with the bride. Her needs are important and I love adapting something that may be important to her to the final result. Each wedding dress has a different experience and different needs.


Metaksenia's Gown 


As a result, I am are honoured to be part of a brides special day. I feel thankful to be selected to create with her the wedding dress of her dreams. It's a celebration, to share these bridal moments with our brides to be, by custom making her wedding gown, just as she's imagined.

So if you're getting married or know someone that is, contact us, I'd love to hear from you so we can design your wedding dress together.  ❤️ 




I ❤️ Athens


Hronia Polla Ellada 


 25th March 2021
Independence Day

“The secret to happiness is freedom,
The secret to freedom is courage.”
.....and what courage our ancestors had to fight
for their freedom and preserve our culture.




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Thank you for your support and for being part of a community that believes that, only together can we create a better tomorrow.

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