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Designer Clothes For Your Kids

We want to share with you our new on-line kidswear boutique. A selection of designer pieces that we know you will love. Some limited edition pieces eclectic for your special, one of a kind child. Clothes for a smart casual style, a comfortable yet elegant look and also beautiful dresses that you can choose for delightful flower girls and chic christening wear

We always enjoy making our collection for your little ones. We want pieces that honour the philosophy behind our brand that exist in our womenswear line.  Our kidswear, is an extension of the values and the thought behind our womenswear collection. Clothes that will take you and your children from day to evening, good quality fabric and garments that will make your little ones feel special, comfortable and cool, and will make you feel proud and love your sweet sophisticated, well dressed child. 

Shirt Dresses

Beautiful shirt dresses for our never ending leggings season. Silk blend elegance for your girl in classy navy and forest green. These pieces are actually lined so you can wear them as dresses, they don't need to be layered to hide their transparency. 

Silk Blend Shirt Dresses For Your GIrls

Our soft and natural viscose cream and partridge print shirt dresses are classy and comfortable and look super with leggings or tights. A print exclusive to our brand and both fabric made in Greece..... which we are extra proud of, are a limited edition and there are only a few pieces left!

Funky Shirt Dresses & Leggings

Transeasonal Dresses

From a Greek orange peach skin jersey zebra dress, to an Italian lace striking black dress, to a French cotton blend grey dress, a distinguished European flare will be added to your girls look. Timeless pieces with a cultured European essence for your sophisticated fun loving girl. 

Transeasonal Dresses


Unique worldly pieces to cater for your unique girl as she embarks on her own journey through life, with clothes that represent her individuality.  A Greek made fabric and dress, as a cage knit dress with a straight cut and enthusiastic red pom pom detailing, layered with leggings and sweaters are perfect for our transitioning season. Our navy liberty dress in 100%cotton voile and poplin daisy print suggest a country English Victorian style. Our black tunic dress with hints of safari adventure and hand sewn vintage detailing for your spontaneous girl. 


Transeaosnal Dresses


....and let's not forget your boys!

Designer sweatpants. Your boy will be cool and comfortable in our two way interlock pant. A perfect fabric for the mischievous activity he will get up to. We love our soft rayon blend black and grey pants. A trouser in between a pant and a sweatpant. Cool and comfortable for your kids. The best thing is that they are a unisex design and fit and so they are ideal for your boy and girl.

Our smart casual sweatpants have a comfortable fit. With an adjustable elastic inside to allow for their development and growth and for you to get the most wear. A pull up pant that is a stylish sweatpant or a casual pant. A straight cut towards the hem, with slit side front pockets adding some cool charm to your child's look.

 Designer Sweatpants For Your Boys


Keep it cool and minimal with black and white.

Cool jackets and cardigans in tweed and in a homemade knit fabric that are perfect to style with everything. We adore that these cardigans, in a zip up version, a button up old school style cardigan and a soft tweed jacket. All are unisex, so ideal for both your girl and boy. Ideal throw over anything jackets, over dresses, T-shirts, knitwear you name it, these neutral prints and weaves will save you for any dressing dramas and style any outfit. All three have a great loose fit which will help you get the most wear from these pieces through your child's growth and development.


 Unisex Jackets For Your Boys & Girls

Fresh Flower Girls

If you're getting married, you have probably come across limitations with lockdown, so ticking things off your list may be challenging! Well, what a great opportunity it is to get done whatever you can on-line. We have a fine selection of elegant, sophisticated pieces that are perfect for flower girls or an evening outing. Luxurious and high quality fabric in timeless styles that work neutrally with any wedding dress and harmoniously look perfect with the bridal party. The best thing is that your flower girl will have a dress that she can wear as well later without limiting her to flower girl memories. She can re-live the feeling later even in a casual setting with sandals, a cardigan or a jean jacket. 

 Flower Girls


Pre-Christening Dresses

Pre-christening dresses for her first appearance on her big day, or for a minimal look and style for her christening dress. Beautiful silk blend tunics, and viscose blend French fabric embellished with lace detailing for simple elegance.

Pre-Christening Dresses



I ❤️ Athens


Pnyka, Acropolis - Kolokotronis Famous Speech Was Made Here



As 25th March approaches, the most important national celebration in Greece, depicting the day the revolution started, when our ancestors fought for our independence, after 400 years of Ottaman occupation and suppression. This year is an extra special one as 2021 marks 200 years from 1821, a monumental year, as it's the year the fight for our freedom began.  

The photo above is at Pnika, Acropolis. A well known location where Kolokotronis, the leader of the revolution of 1821, spoke to the people in 1838. He had seen a teacher speaking to his students and was so impressed by the eloquence of this teacher, that he wanted to speak to the students himself. They chose Pnika as a location as the high school wasn't big enough. Word got around and it ended up being a gathering with many people, his speech was published in the newspaper. Till today it is a very renowned speech. When president Obama came to Greece on his final international trip before his presidency finished, he requested he speak at Pnika, as Kolokotronis did, as this location and his speech celebrates and signifies democracy and all the old values and principles the ancient Greeks left for us today in the modern world. (side note, President Obama didn't end up speaking at Pnika, for security reasons). 

Read his speech in Greek or in English (I might add the translation isn't the best!)  

Happy 25th March. A day of liberation.
I hope you feel free in all areas of your life!  ❤️ 

Who You Are Helping


At Samantha Sotos, we believe in community. A percentage of our online sales go towards PAREA and their cause in aiding families in need. We are proud that through our product we are able to offer this assistance, and we want you to know, that your purchase has contributed in making someone’s life a little easier.
Thank you for your support and for being part of a community that believes that, only together can we create a better tomorrow.

 Thanking you



Read more on our community values.

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