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Love Will Conquer All

Our wedding season is well on its way, despite the slight pause on weddings from 2020-21, which proves that love will conquer all!  ❤️ 

It's a great feeling when you can get back into doing what you love, together with the bride to be. There is never a dull moment as each wedding dress is unique and custom made as our bride to be is one of a kind.


Add Colour To Your Wedding Dress


Efi's Vintage Rose Wedding Gown


Just like Efi, who wanted to add some colour to her wedding dress. We made a beautiful vintage pink lace bridal gown which was lined with silk nude creating a subdued touch to her bold choice.


Efi & Vasili's Wedding Moments


For Nathalie's gown, our beautiful bride felt it traditional to wear pink as her mother wore a pink wedding dress and so she wanted to follow in her mother's footsteps. It's touching when each decision is personal and either symbolic or has a special meaning to the bride which makes the occasion even more sentimental.


Nathalie's Gown


Sophia looked stunning and statuesque like in her layered tulle skirt and lace bodice. Nude was her choice of colour for her wedding outfit which created an elegant and sophisticated look.


Sophia's Nude Bridal Outfit


Dafni chose to add a splash of colour to her ecru wedding dress. Olive was her colour so we used it as a tint as a ribbon for her waistband and she also had custom made olive suede shoes made which tied in with the whole look without taking away from her elegant bridal gown. 


Dafni's Gown


If you're getting married or know someone that is feel free to share and contact us so we can design your wedding dress together.  ❤️ 



I ❤️ Athens



Blue skies ahead!
Spring is in the air... Summer is in sight in Athens, which means shopping therapy is in need. 

Our FIRST CLEARANCE SALE will be happening after Easter.
We want to get rid of EVERYTHING, so prices will be €30 - €100!!!!
Serious stuff and beautiful pieces. Stay tuned for the dates and details.

Our First Clearance Sale Is Happening Soon!



Who You Are Helping



At Samantha Sotos, we believe in community. A percentage of our online sales go towards PAREA and their cause in aiding families in need. We are proud that through our product we are able to offer this assistance, and we want you to know, that your purchase has contributed in making someone’s life a little easier.
Thank you for your support and for being part of a community that believes that, only together can we create a better tomorrow.

 Thanking you



Read more on our community values.

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