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Samantha Sotos was born and raised in Australia and studied in Athens and London. She did work experience in London and worked in Sydney, before moving to Greece. In 2006 the Samantha Sotos label was launched. Her atelier is situated in downtown Athens, Thissio at the foot of the Acropolis. Thissio merges the 'yitonia' (neighbourhood) of old Athens with a modern flavour of today. 

Her European and Australian influences and travels are the backbone to what she calls her "Euralian' style. European and Australian lifestyles merged. 

What started off as a womenswear collection, by customer request has now extended into custom made christening wear, custom made bridal wear and the birth and creation of our beautiful line for the little ones, all sharing our philosophy for quality and comfort.

Personality, not age defines her audience as she offers practical and stylish solutions to the ‘on the go woman’ who responds elegantly to the unexpected demands of her day. Her designs allow you to feel spontaneous, ready, confident, friendly and calmly in control of your look, your day and your life.