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New In - Scarves For Everyone

Accessories are a good way to treat yourself or re-vamp your wardrobe in an affordable way without breaking your budget. Especially in Winter, when our clothes are concealed by our coat, a scarf with your coat can really be eye-catching and add some spark to your look.

We have just launched some new colours in our hand embroidered design, which you loved for Xmas. What I love about this series, is the variety of embroidered colours on each scarf, which allows you to wear it with literally anything. With something plain, these colourful scarves brighten your look and lift your spirits. If you are bold and in the mood to experiment with colours, this is the perfect scarf to challenge you.



These scarves have been ideal through lockdown as even though I have been limited with my outings, I have had fun playing with colour combinations for my casual look or just even dressing up for a walk. I have a bright salmon knit jumper, which is pretty lively on its own. When pieced with the green, red or wine scarf, the peach embroidery picks up the salmon knit colour and it truly livens up my look. Worn with our black-white tweed coat and grey Gatsby pant, a toned down shell is perfect to support a splash of vibrant colour.



Playing with different prints is also challenging and fun. Using our print blue blouse and printed blue leggings, quite contrasting at first glance. When our camel long jacket is thrown over, it starts to blend and sit well together, while the black Grecian trim on the sleeve of the camel coat picks up the black geometric lines on the leggings.

Above, I played with 3 scarves. The navy unisex scarf is safe and easy to the eye. The cream scarf picks up the colours from the camel coat, the blues from the blouse and leggings and also brings out the floral colours from the blouse and ties in beautifully for more of a statement. The white scarf is more harmonious with the blue embroidery and a tiny splash  of red and purple which could also work beautifully with the same colour lipstick or sneakers.



With my customers, when they are a bit sheepish in experimenting with colour, I always suggest to start with 3-4 colours as a palette. As styled in the pictures above:
Col 1. Grey coat and grey pants
Col 2. Pink soft jersey blouse
Col 3.
a) The green scarf. The colours from the embroidery tie in with the pinks and Col 4, blue is a subtle accent 
b) The ecru scarf, where the embroidery detail of beige blends in with the gold strokes on the pants, the reds tie in with the pink blouse and Col. 4,  the greens act as a splash of colour.
c) The wine scarf blends in with the pink blouse. Even though the wine colour is strong, this is the most subtle look and combination of all three proposals.



A clothing colour palette, as pictured above with our camel short coat, our printed red blouse and blue leggings, styled with scarves in black, wine and ecru can also work well together. Worn with a white or black sneaker a smart casual look can be achieved adding a classy look to a comfortable feel.

There are so many combinations that you can experiment with. As a starting point, choose the item of clothing that you love and want to wear and go from there. Feel free and trust your gut in what feels and looks right for you. You can't go wrong!



Our signature scarf design has been popular for its design, size and practicality. It's 2 press stud fastening at the back allows for an adjustable fit, depending if you're going to wear it under your coat or over, so you determine how close you want it to your neck. Its size is perfect as it's tailored to sit on your shoulders, without too much volume added under your coat, so you still keep an elegant silhouette. 

The plain scarves without embroidery are unisex scarves, which is perfect. Scarves for him.... and ultimately for you too!


Scarves for men and women.


Our limited edition scarves for men and women in dusty blue, navy, green, blackgrey and for the more daring wine.

Our scarves are perfect to dress up his active wear look to the gym, for sports or for a cool casual look and outing.


Scarves for men and women... will he dare to try the wine?


And let's not forget about our little ones. Scarves for the kids. Keeping in mind our brand values for our womenswear, these also apply to our kidswear. Comfortable clothes that make you feel and look great.



Our navy checkered scarf, could traditionally be considered a scarf for boys, but I loved styling it with our silk blend dresses above in navy and violet. I adore when there aren't limitations to dressing boys and girls. Each style suits both.



Our double sided, organic cotton, unisex pants with stripes on one side and spots on the other are a funky and fun pant to style with our kids scarves. Our scarves for boys and girls in greennavy, grey with tassels and black with fringing will be a stylish and warm solution for your kids or gifts to give.  


I ❤️ Athens



Clear blue skies in Athens after our few days of beautiful snow. On one of my walks through Plaka on the weekend, an area usually buzzing with tourists, seeing it empty is strange, but then again that's when you notice a tree that's probably always been there, and on top of the tree was a nest. Penthouse views for these soon to hatch birds.


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At Samantha Sotos, we believe in community. A percentage of our online sales go towards PAREA and their cause in aiding families in need. We are proud that through our product we are able to offer this assistance, and we want you to know, that your purchase has contributed in making someone’s life a little easier.
Thank you for your support and for being part of a community that believes that, only together can we create a better tomorrow.

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