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How Many Ways Can You Wear A Camel Coat?

A camel coat adds a bit of adventure and freshness to your look in Winter. I'm sure you have a black coat in your wardrobe. The next addition to your Winter look should be a camel coat for your cosy Winter journey.

We have 3 camel coats to play with here. Our long camel coat for a true Winter look, our 3/4 camel coat for a structured style and our long camel jacket which works as a long blazer style. 


Camel Coats


To start off with, we can keep a look safe when it comes to dealing with colour if we're not ready to experiment. I styled our camel coat outfits in tones of cream, beige, tan and mustard. Here I have put our beige safari dress with our camel coat and my black ankle boots as a look. Our tan jersey pants with our mustard blouse and sand ankle boots and ecru embroidered scarf with beige sneakers. This is a good basic start until you're ready to work your way up to adding some colour.


Keeping Your Palette Neutral To Your Camel Coat


I don't believe there should be any restrictions when it comes to combining colours. You just have to see what works and what doesn't and of course what you like.

In this case with camel, as it's a warm colour, people often keep warm colours together and cold colours grouped. I found for my Autumn Winter 2021 collection, I didn't hesitate to put a cold colour grey with our warm camel coats. On the contrary they blended in well together. What I especially loved was our grey fabric had strokes of gold accents. When put with the camel coats, it worked fabulously. It almost gave a suit like appearance without wearing a suit in a traditional way.


Camel And Grey


Another option is to wear your camel coat with a tan or earth coloured pant as you can see below. One option is piecing it with a mustard blouse, which keeps the look harmonious. For a second option try a bright colour knit or top to start adding some spark, colour and personality to your look. 


Adding A Splash Of Bold Colour


I absolutely love to play with colour and push the boundaries on combining different prints together and different tones. I don't like feeling restricted in general in my life, and I might just add here that lockdown has been challenging in this department. So I definitely don't want to feel limitations in my expression in what I wear or how I feel I want express my mood, through colour and prints, and I most certainly don't want to impose that on you.


Playing With Prints And Your Camel Coat


In the styling above, the brown boots allow the camel coat to blend in with the party of prints happening in the blouse and skirt. I especially love adding colour to Winter looks. It almost gives more of an Autumn feel than a cold Winter style.

A classic black cocktail pant is softened up by a camel coat and when our candy pink wool blouses are added, this strong pink gives an equal fight for attention against the bold black pant. The grecian black trim on the long camel jacket ties in beautifully with the black pant and the black ankle boots. Keep in mind, you can replace the candy pink colour with any colour you want, or may have in you wardrobe.  Everything suits a black camel look.



Here our grey pant with gold strokes is pieced with our candy pink blouses. The difference being in your choice of shoes for a day to casual to evening outing. 



Purple, pink and camel. Who would have thought? Purple and pink are often not combined as it reminds us more of a young, cute girl look. When a camel coat is thrown over tour pink blouses and purple legging pant, it starts looking more sophisticated as she enters womanhood.  



Colourful tulle skirts are a fun way to add some volume to your look and give you a vintage style. Our tulle skirts in wine and emerald have a natural volume and when you walk, they enthusiastically flare out and go with your flow.

Our camel coats tame these skirts in a way and look great when you can see part of the skirt under the camel coats. I love the way when pieced with our candy blouses, the wine and emerald skirts together with the camel coats, create a fresh winter palette more like Spring. 




To conclude and answer our question on how many ways can you wear a camel coat? The answer is really it's up to you. There are no limitations. Try what works, I believe everything goes and especially if you have the attitude, you will stand out before your clothes do and your clothes will just enhance your natural beauty and charisma! 😘



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