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All Grown Up

All Grown Up

Clothes for the little ones that will make them feel special. They will feel comfortable and a little grown up but playful too. Your children will take their Summer memories back with them with these beautiful clothes.  
Our little Aphrodite is a little beauty in our playful and comfortable striped strappy tunic. 
Dress 175160 €95.  Available in red, navy.
His boyish charm is evident in this outfit.  Our soft copper viscose unisex blouson is worn with our dusty blue fluid unisex pants.  Such a good look and comfy too! 
Blouson 172110 €75.  Available in navy, copper, dusty blue, stone, red, blue.
Pants 174030 €75.  Available in navy, copper, dusty blue, stone, red, blue.


Photography: Chris Kontos
Models: Nourshan, Abbas, Fatouma
Original Backdrop Photo: Michelle Young, Lantern Studio
Assistant: Sotiria Karasiotou