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Dress Hellas

So, this is our final philosophy and it's a special one.
Originally 'dress hellas', was a reference to the clothes that had some type of grecian detail like a trim, always with a modern take. But then 'dress hellas' took on a different meaning for me.
Through our economic crisis and the refugee crisis which Greece found at her doorstep, I saw the Greeks in a different light. We were going through a challenging time as it was, with the austerity measures, but when I saw how the Greek people responded with such compassion and urge to help these unfairly displaced people, despite their own personal and professional obstacles, I was in awe.
These were life lessons for me. Greeks struggling to pay bills, but gratefully aware that they were in a better place than some. Without a second thought, they offered food, clothing, any type of support they could for these people.
'Dress Hellas' became the spirit of the Greeks for me, and also a reference to the ancient Greeks and the level of excellence they applied to what they did in which we reap their efforts today.
To 'dress hellas' is to embody this spirit. To wear your clothes with your values, your kindness and your hope for a better tomorrow... and always with a bit of style of course!