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Skirts, skirts and more skirts!

As we head into my favourite type of dressing, transeasonal dressing, skirts are key in taking us smoothly into the new season.

In Europe, even though we have entered Spring, there is still a Winter chill brewing, so we need to take this into consideration as we layer skirts from stockings, to leggings to our beautiful bare legs. It would be even greater if we could do this with the same skirt. Best value for money!

And let's not forget the same can be done if you're down under and heading from Autumn to Winter, but still are fading out from your blissful sunkissed Summer season, you just do the opposite. From bare legs, to layering with leggings, to staying warm with tights.

Our skirts can do just this. Our black ruffle pencil skirt can easily be worn throughout all the seasons due to its length. In a slick mat black slight stretch fabric for that extra comfort and fit. We have styled it for Winter with out grey silk blend shirt but would look great in Summer with a slinky camisole. For Spring or Autumn a bomber jacket or blazer could be thrown over. Also can be worn with flats for work or sneakers and a T for a casual athleisure look. I personally bought this skirt this season for all the reasons above. I cannot wait to wear it in Spring and Summer, once lockdown is over! 😉


Black Slick Ruffle Pencil Skirt


Our black smart casual layered skirt is an interesting and unique piece this season. It can definitely be styled for an evening look due to it's length and design, but I wanted to challenge myself and show this elegant skirt in a more casual, athletic way for our 'on the go' lifestyle, and I think it worked! This skirt has a great fit on the waist and you can adjust it higher up or lower depending on what suits your body type. 


Black Smart Casual Layered Skirt


This elegant, smart casual skirt is feminine, flowing, striking you name it I love it! With so much movement when you walk, this eye catching design suits many body shapes and occasions. A truly graceful look and style with so many ideas to play with to keep this skirt with you throughout the seasons. 

I also styled it with our blue scuba leggings and my ankle boots to show how you can play with a more evening, Wintry look. I adore this look!

Black Layered Skirt With Leggings For A Wintry Look


Our panelled skirt above, also comes in a sheer silk blend version that can be worn for an evening outing. This skirt can definitely be worn throughout all the seasons. When worn with a camisole in the same fabric, a mid length almost dress like look is created. In this marble grey chic fabric, this evening look communicates elegance and sophistication and femininity with a sensual flow. A feeling which depicts a familiar taste of Summer. 


Grey Silk Blend Panelled Skirt


Our grey with accents of gold skirt is another ideal skirt that will bring you joy and ease in styling throughout the seasons. A great length with a button up front, allowing you to open it up throughout all the seasons lightening up a cold Winter mood or creating a carefree bouncy mood for Spring. Easily styled with a T-shirt and trainers for a weekend casual outing or a shirt and a camel coat for workwear, you will feel like a different you each time.

Grey-Gold All Day Skirt 


Have fun with your styling throughout the seasons, and see how many looks you can create with the same skirt. Feel free to send us pictures of how you have created different looks and feel free to ask us for styling advice if you're not sure. Would love to help. Find our skirts on our e-boutique and on sale. 


I ❤️ Athens




Spring is in the air in Athens.
You can smell it.
You can see it.
🌸 🌷 🌼 🌷 🌸

Can you smell it?


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