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Shimmer In Our Kimono Robe Jackets

Our Robe Kimono Jackets have been signature jackets, for our label almost from the beginning of our brand launch. The idea behind the design, was the comfort factor I wanted to feel in a jacket, and so a combination of a robe and a kimono started to come to life.

The leisure feeling was important to be incorporated into the design and style. Over the years I have created this jacket in various styles. As a crop wool jacquard jacket that can be layered with a coat. It has also been designed in a casual soft interlock fabric with Grecian trimming down the front, also in silk velvet. So many versatile ways to wear and style this jacket. I simply adore it.

This Autumn Winter, I opted for this beautiful somehow vintage looking fabric with a slight pique weave, in a soft yet striking texture. In captivating shimmering frosted colours, a vintage palette comes to life.


Silver Shimmering Robe Jacket


In silver, our robe kimono jacket can be worn to the office or for evening wear.  With a long sleeve bohemian style, it is a great silver robe jacket for a smart casual style and look for ladies. A loose fit, allowing a medium to fit in a small too, and a large would fit in a medium, just ideal for many body types! A throw over everything type of robe jacket for evening and for day wear. 


Frost Pink Robe Jacket

In a calm but confident frosted pink, you can play around with styling our robe jacket. If you want a bohemian look, wear it in a casual way over your jeans and a loose shirt or T-shirt or a print dress. If you want a more evening look, go for an evening dress or cocktail pant  look. Either way you can create a new look and style each time.

For our photoshoot, we opted to style our silver and frosted pink robe jackets, with our marble grey silk blend shirt and our black slick evening pant, for a smart casual and sensual feel and look.


Shimmering Black Robe Jacket


In a bold shimmering black, an evening cocktail look can be achieved. A key feature to this black robe jacket is our signature kimono long sleeve adding a relaxed yet confident feel to your look and officially speaks 'Samantha Sotos'.

In black we styled it with our lively candy pink wool blouse and our black slick evening pant, to give a relaxed suiting feel.

See our shimmering robe kimono jackets in action in the video below.   


So, which one will you choose? Frost pink, subtle silver or shimmering black


International Women's Day

For International Women’s Day on Monday 8/3, we celebrated our beautiful, confident, witty, sassy, loving, caring customers who I have had the privilege of dressing and making them look as beautiful outside as they are inside.

❤️ Women empowering women❤️

❤️ Men empowering women❤️



To celebrate Women's Day we have added further discounts to our sales

🎉  🎉  🎉 


I ❤️ Athens


Athens Sunsets


The days seem to be getting slightly longer and the sunsets are giving us a hint of Summer, creating a warm palette of hope and a reminder through lockdown, that each day the sun will rise and set without fail. Each day is a new day. 😎 


Who You Are Helping



At Samantha Sotos, we believe in community. A percentage of our online sales go towards PAREA and their cause in aiding families in need. We are proud that through our product we are able to offer this assistance, and we want you to know, that your purchase has contributed in making someone’s life a little easier.
Thank you for your support and for being part of a community that believes that, only together can we create a better tomorrow.

 Thanking you



Read more on our community values.




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