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Love Letters

Who doesn't love a love letter or a secret love note?
For our Autumn 'Love Letters' campaign, we worked with the model and influencer, Efi Anastasopoulou in Vienna.
A while ago, I had come across the poet Mark Anthony and his beautiful book of poems 'Love Notes' and thought it was a perfect match to use his memorable poetry to compliment each outfit.


Skirts, skirts and more skirts!

As we head into my favourite type of dressing, transeasonal dressing, skirts are key in taking us smoothly into the new season.
In Europe, even though we have entered Spring, there is still a Winter chill brewing, so we still need to take this into consideration as we layer skirts from stockings, to leggings to our beautiful bare legs. It would be even greater if we could do this with the same skirt. Best value for money!